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These machines are solid workhorse terminals that are built to last with outstanding capacity and flexibility exceeding the standards of the market today.


  • fd130
  • FD130 lets you accept all major credit cards as well as contactless payment and has a front slot to accept EMV Chip Cards. This clear touch screen display helps get your customers in and out and on the go with a quick response receipt printer. Durable Keypad and compact design to fit neatly in your workspace.
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FD-130 Duo W/ FD 35

  • fd130-duo
  • FD130 Duo is the same as the FD130 just with the separate customer facing FD35 pin pad which allows your customers to put in their EMV chip cards and type in their secure pin number into the easy to use pin pad.
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  • fd400-gt-gprs-rs
  • Wireless machine utilizes CDMA Networks including AT&T and Sprint to give you reliable connectivity and fast data transmission along with the capability of accepting EMV Chip Transactions. Plus this is equipped with Store and Forward mode, in case you are out of network service and still need to run a transaction.
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  • fd410-gprs
  • Same as the Wireless FD400 GT with a different exterior but all the same features.
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Verifone has become one of the best terminal manufactures in the small to medium size companies, a best choice in value and reliability.

VX-520 EMV

  • fd130
  • VX-520 machine is now a staple in the market. With the simplicity and ease of button function EMV Chip functionality with both contact and contactless options, this terminal is the best value for the price.
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VX-520 EMV + NFC

  • Same as the VX-520 this is the contactless version that allows your customers to pay with NFC Cards or mobile phone options like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.
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PAX Technologies

A worldwide provider in Counter Top and Wireless terminals that are reliable and functional!


  • Advanced Countertop POS Terminal that works over Dial and Ethernet. Accepts all forms of payment including Contactless/ NFC and EMV Chip Cards. Simple design and easy to use.
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  • Wireless networks over GPRS / CDMA / 3G ( WCDMA / EVDO) accepts EMV, Magstrip and Contactless / NFC payments and is rugged. One of the more popular Wireless machines in the market
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Compact Sleek smart terminals that are one of the largest terminal manufactures in the world.


  • iCT220 is a black and white screen, tough, and durable design credit card machine that can work over dial or Ethernet. Accept EMV Chip card and Mag swipe transactions.
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  • iCT250 is an advanced version of the iCT220, including color screen contactless/ NFC payment acceptance, and works over both dial and ethernet connections.
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  • This Wireless Machine is compact 3G and can handle many transactions easily. Best wireless machine on the market with all the features for the least amount of money.
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Mobile EMV Card Reader


Clover™ GO

  • CloverGo®

    CloverGo® gives you the freedom to run transactions on your portable smart devices from just about anywhere you have connectivity.

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