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Restaurant POS

Running a restaurant can be complicted, to say the least, but when you need to stay on top and keep totals, inventory, tips, and many other key pieces to your success count on us to help you get you and staff training! Let us help you navigate through these changing waters with our point of sale options to help get you to your destination! 

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Micros POS

Cloud service technology helps to relieve the need for additional onsite technology. Micros helps you save by requiring less staff needed, reducing the need for employees. This POS ensures operations can continue even with a loss of internet!

Other benefits include:
Modern & mobile, increased guest interactions through a richer and interactive interface. Streamlines food and beverage operations, create real-time reporting and analytics, maximizes staff efficiency by managing labor, and has Gift and Loyalty functionality. 
Aloha POS 1
A powerful POS with a multi-functional system to help restaurants boost sales and speed service.  The Aloha Table Service allows staff to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations. 

Other benefits include:
Greater customer loyalty, enhanced operational control, reduced training time, guaranteed business continuity, swift maintenance for high uptime, graphic user interface, multi-login, multi-report options,  and kitchen chit printing.