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A cloud-based system to control your business at anytime from anywhere! 

clover station

Clover Station

All-in-one point of sale and payments system. Accepts EMV chip cards, mag strip, and contactless payments like Apple Pay with optional NFC printer. Pci PTS 5.x non PED certified Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

Clover Mobile Bundle

Clover Mobile Bundle

Multi-purpose credit card reader with customized application, cloud-based data storage. EMV and contactless; wireless and wireless + 3G. Favorite mobile service for professionals, retailers, and restaurants.

Clover Mini

Clover Mini
$349.00 (Wifi)
$399.00 (Wifi & 3G)

Smaller yet complete and versatile POS unit. Accepts all forms of payment with accessibility to many apps from the Clover Market; also accepts EMV, NFC, and swipe transactions. 

clover flex big

Clover Flex

Flexible solution for any business, designed to meet a range of payment and point-of-sale needs. Industrialized strength capabilities and security allows you to take payments at or away from the counter. 

Clover Go transparent hero bg

Clover Go

Freedom to run transaction on your portable smart devices wherever there is connectivity. EMV chip card accessible. TransArmor security, Insightics Solution for tracking performance growth.

Clover All in one transparent

Clover Go NFC (All-In-One)

Bluetooth and contactless  payment device that takes chip and swipe payments. Compatible with Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay.  Other features include Clover Go App, Open Orders, and inventory control.

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Why clover?


Clover receives an average rating of 4.7 by the and Clover is a First Data product  and when supplemented with apps from Clover’s App Marketplace, this  versatile product can become a “powerful tool that enables you to manage employees customers, track inventory, create and view reports, and monitor your revenue stream.”

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Worlds of innovation

  • View real-time reports
  • Manage Inventory
  • Track Employee Time
  • Build Customer Loyalty


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